Let's Stop M

Situation: In the wake of the meningitis outbreak, the UO Health Center asked Allen Hall Advertising to create a campaign that would make students aware of the truths surrounding the disease and how it spreads. We had only 10 days to fully execute this campaign.

Approach: By using the moniker "M," we visually showed students how meningitis is spreading and, as a result, taking over our campus. We took over screens all over campus, spammed poster boards, and sent an e-mail from "M" to all 19,000 UO undergraduate students.

Tactics: By using #UncoverM, we brought students to a Twitter page that revealed clues as to what "M" was. Each clue related back to a prevention technique on how to stop meningitis from spreading. Once our website was unlocked, we encouraged students to "put an end to the mystery - uncover the truth.

We sparked the curiosity of many as students attempted to figure out the password for our locked website. Once revealed, an explanation for each clue was given. People were encouraged to "Put an End to the Mystery. Uncover the Truth" and now use the hashtag #LetsStopM.

To see the full website, please visit www.uncoverm.com.