The world sometimes move a bit too fast for us. We generate schedules for ourselves that grow too familiar, and slip into cycles of monotonous habits that somehow rule our daily lives. The construction of time has perhaps limited us to how often we focus on ourselves – the moments spent searching for epiphanies that bend our minds towards enlightenment, and the moments spent acknowledging the world’s beauty that fills us with so much life. All in all, I value the moments in which time ceases to exist. I thrive off conversations in which you are able to see a person’s thoughts unfold, or songs in which the lyrics gently remind you of how wonderful life is. I hike mountains to reach places that entice all my senses, and I act on stages to explore mindsets that differ from my own. I temporarily escape the constraints of time, and find myself only focusing on the present.

We need to devote our energy to embracing the things that bring our world to a giant hult – the ones in which no degree of seconds, minutes, or hours can stop our minds from racing and our hearts from beating.

* My Thesis Prospectus professor asked us to write her a letter in which we discuss what we value in life. The above is a snippet of my letter to her.